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Paris, January 16, 2012 - Newly released by the makers of, the French leader of the market, brings an ingenious referral matchmaking service to America's savvy shoppers providing a new way to make their dollar go further. In just one week, has already gathered over 80 refer-a-friend offers, enabling people to meet, refer each other and pocket their rewards. And it's free!

How it works:

  • Want to benefit from a particular offer? Select a referrer and use his/her information to subscribe.
  • Seeking to refer people? Post a free referral ad and watch the magic work!
  • Both users then receive referral bonuses.

The Parisian shoppers' solution to the European economic crisis, with customer savings of roughly $1.3 million in 2011, crosses the sea to bring even more to America.

"By shopping online I receive coupons that I can pass on to other people with additional savings for each person who uses it," explains a user. "On, I have referred five people to my Internet company for a savings of $300 and two people to my cable company for $150."

Keys to its success:

This win-win service allows for consumers to find a sponsor for any refer-a-friend offer, thus benefiting from promotions that are often hidden from the public.
The referee can easily save from a list of offers that are readily available. The referrer is earning offers or money with each person referred. is the virtual matchmaker between referrers and referees, linking them in two simple clicks.

"With the European economic crisis, French shoppers are looking for new ways to make their money last," says Nicolas Davoust, CEO of "In the past year, with 100,000 monthly visitors and more than 1200 active referral offers, we have had incredible success on We are confident that American shoppers will discover the same benefit, and they will save even more in 2012."

Referral programs:

Here are a few examples just to see what we are speaking about:

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Established in 2006 by a French student, soon became the top French social networking refer-a-friend website. With more than 11,900 active referral postings and over a million dollars of savings for its members, is the leader of this growing market. Bringing together more than 30,000 members, over 3000 unique visitors per day, and thousands of Referrer/Referee contacts made. For more information, visit: